Yu-Gi-Oh Enemy of Justice 1st Edition *Hobby* Box Break

Yu-Gi-Oh Enemy of Justice 1st Edition *Hobby* Box Break

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This box break will be for a 24 pack sealed booster box of the set "Enemy Of Justice", a GX era set from back in 2006! Special thanks to @godofthegrails for letting me box break this! Chase cards from this set include Ultimate rare Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster, Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer, 
Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer, Harpies Pet Baby Dragon, amongst a whole list of other cards!

This box break has 2 big prize lots. The first being the lovely people at "Black Label Grading" will be providing anyone who pulls an ultimate rare (Usually 1-2 per box) a chance to GRADE THEIR CARD FOR FREE, with BGS, CGC or PSA! Please go and give @BlackLabelGrading on instagram a follow for providing you all with this awesome opportunity! 

The next prize is that 3 people who did not pull an ultimate rare will have a chance to win 1 of 3 PSA graded cards! This gives everyone an approximate 1/7 chance of walking away with a ~£50 graded card! 


PLEASE NOTE: Each '1' item purchased is 1 random pack from the sealed booster box. Multiple packs can be purchased. ALL packs sold will be opened live on stream, and the pack and its contents will be posted out within 3 working days. If 2 Ultimate rares are pulled, customers will have the choice to open their pack or send sealed! 

 Livestream is set to be Saturday 6th April! If packs do not sell out before this, the livestream will be pushed back a week at a time till all packs are sold. 

A box break is a live event, in which the buyer buys single packs from a sealed booster box of cards. The buyer will have their name randomly drawn on livestream, with packs then opened for them live and posted to them at a later date.

Benefits of a box break are that prices are usually cheaper than market value, and in cases of older/rarer boxes, it guarantees the packs haven't been tampered with or weighed/searched, which gives the buyer fair odds of their pack containing holo/chase cards!